1. Each team must provide an observer for each fishing day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). If a team fails to provide an observer each fishing day, a stand-by observer provided by the Tournament Committee may be used if one is available. The team must pay the stand-by $200/day for their services. Failure to provide an observer will result in the team’s disqualification from that day’s fishing.
  2. Observers are entitled to one tournament t-shirt, and it will be included with the tournament bag at registration. Be sure to include shirt size on team entry form.
  3. Observers must attend the Captain's Meeting on Thursday night.
  4. Observer must be picked up from and dropped off at Pirate’s Cove Resort and Marina.
  5. Observers must check in by 5:30 a.m. daily
  6. Observer assignments will be distributed the morning of each fishing day.
  7. The official observer’s log must be delivered to the Committee Boat by 6 PM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  8. Observer will be provided lunch for each day of fishing, the boxed lunch will be available for pick up at check-in each morning.
  9. Observers will randomly choose a line sample from the rod of their choice.

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